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Community engagement starts with you.

Get involved with the JCDP today!


Volunteering for the Jefferson County Democratic Party comes in many forms, most of which are listed on this page. You can be as involved as you'd like but the best way to determine which opportunity is the best fit is to email or call 409-212-3366.

Volunteering can come in the form of hosting a party, block walking, working the phone bank, fundraising, delivering campaign materials to neighbors, and more! 


Do you love to entertain?


We are always looking for individuals to host parties either as a platform for a candidate to address other members of the JCDP, or to introduce ideas that align with our goals. 

The event can be as large or small as you are comfortable with and members of the JCDP will work with you on the logistics of the event including planning, marketing and execution. 

100% of our operations are funded by donations. Even though we are mandated to perform certain functions, we receive no contributions from other governmental entities. There are times when we work in conjunction with the county and the state, however, we are completely independent with respect to operations and funding. Please consider contributing to our efforts.


Phone banking is a form of outreach where volunteers call potential voters to identify supporters, raise funds, get people to attend events and inspire them to vote for a candidate or cause.


Phone banking can reach thousands of potential voters who may otherwise be unreached. 

As a phone bank volunteer, you would be provided with a script of what to say and a list of numbers to call. 


Join us in keeping your neighborhood informed by becoming a neighborhood block walker. You’ll receive access to information and materials as well as work with candidates and other volunteers in your precinct (or the precinct of your choice).  We want you to be the liaison between the Democratic Party and your neighbors. And you can do that any way you wish. So call them, knock on doors, welcome new Democrats, or invite neighbors to functions (your own or public events). It’s your block, so get out that vote!

Hundreds of political signs are requested each election cycle and we are always in need of volunteers to distribute signs, help put them out and once the election is over, help remove them. 

Did you know that according to state law, Texas Property Code, Title 11, Chapter 202.909, a homeowner's association must allow:


  1. At least one sign per candidate / ballot item.

  2. Homeowners to display political signs of any size up to 4' x 6', 

  3. Signs to be displayed at least 90 days before and up to 10 days after the related election. 

Help make a difference today

Jefferson County Texas Democratic Party

2211 Calder

Beaumont, TX 77701

Tel: 409-212-3366

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